Come Alive Coaching and Consulting

“Do not ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman

Death of Sunday Worship Worksheet


Come Alive Coaching and Consulting focuses on intergenerational mentoring, vocational discernment, community development, and leadership formation.

The core of my coaching and consulting practice is helping people and communities discover and live into their vocations.

I do this by facilitating processes that create a space for the person or community to identify their gifts and calling, and creatively solve their challenges themselves. I do not approach coaching or consultations as an expert, but rather as a listener and facilitator—helping individuals and communities draw out their deepest selves, discover their vocations, and design sustainable plans and systems to live more fully into what it is that they feel called to do. Read more about my coaching and consulting philosophy here. For the Come Alive curriculum, ALIVE Toolkit, and other resources, click the ALIVE Resources link above.

Practices I train and facilitate include: facilitated conversations, vocational discernment, engaging youth and young adults, mentoring, "Two Loops: Living and Dying Systems," spiritual practices, institutional and individual story, community organizing (including 1-1 conversations, listening practices, community connecting practices, and justice seeking), theological reflection, and a variety of process-based practices to facilitate individual and community learning and transformation.

Come Alive Coaching Consultations are often based on the following four moves (drawing on the work of Marshal Ganz):

  • Story of Self—Who are you and what do you care about?
  • Story of Us—Who are we and what do we care about?
  • Story of Call/ Story of God—How might I/we be called to engage our gifts for the sake of others? For faith based consultations, this also includes how might scripture and our faith tradition inform what God is calling us to do?
  • Story of Now—What are we going to do next?

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