Reimagining Theological Education

In 2016, I was part of a grant-funded project called “Reimagining Theological Education,” which recognized the challenges in our current MDiv centered, ATS accredited system for credentialing church leaders–and the likelihood that this now-declining 20th century system is on the verge of serious problems if not disintegration.  We researched alternative theological educational programs, interviewed practitioners and academics in the field, explored and developed models relating to several aspects of the challenge including “needs for leadership training” “financial models” “pedagogy” and “models for credentialing.”   I chaired the “Models of Certification and Credentialing” committee, and co-wrote the committee’s report. The other committee reports are here.

We shared the project work at an online “conference,” including live and pre-recorded reports, and interaction with speakers.  My video report is below, along with links to the other conference content.

My work in this area has evolved to focus less on constructing and addressing the top-level systems involved, and more to experimenting and effecting change on a more grass-roots level. That project is taking root in the emerging “Academy for Community Transformation.”

Video Report on Models of Certification and Credentialing

What could we who are concerned about theological education and forming spiritual leaders learn from the beer brewing industry? Check out my video report from the RTE Summer Summit of the Reimagining Theological Education project of the Convergence Network. The accompanying handout is here.

The whole conference is here.